The president of Egypt, Abdel-Fatah El Sisi, stated that year 2019 is the year of education in Egypt. We are seeing more and more efforts and awareness being made by the government regarding education. The president of Egypt is focusing on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and is trying to raise awareness and gain funds for education and health and in the conference of youth at Cairo University, he shared his vision for 2019 being solely focused on enhancing education and health.


Sustainable Development Goals focuses on areas of our lives, regarding humans, environment and economics. And Egypt has been making efforts on enhancing all the Sustainable development goals. They believe that human development is important, it was announced in the conference that they won’t only focus on education but on health, culture and more as well.


The Minister of Education Tarek Shawki also shared his plan of the K-12 education system, the system won’t rely heavily on GPAs and grades end of the year exams and will be calculated based on the best five scores from 10 open-book exams throughout the school year. The system hopes to end students’ cheating and eliminate middlemen that might leak the exams.


The president also announced that they are establishing a government center to educate teachers, incubators to help develop startups and more. These steps are a part of enhancing education Egypt, there are plans to build 100 new Japanese curriculum schools in the upcoming four years. The Japanese schools are helping education in Egypt and enhancing it.


Education is so important, focusing on it will help us fix a lot of other issues that Egypt faces. Saying that, equality in education is also as important, we need to focus on women getting their education and access to schools. We hope to see more governmental efforts that focuses on education.


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