Five Ways To Reduce Your Water Footprint

Five Ways To Reduce Your Water Footprint

In light of World Water Day a few days ago, here are a few tips on how to reduce your direct water footprint.

Water is one of the most essential for all forms of life and is only available on the Earth in a limited quantity.  Yes, it sounds daunting but there are ways to play your own part.

Here are the most effective ways to stop wasting this precious resource

  1. Reduce your household water use and when you do use them be mindful and efficient with your consumption. by choosing water efficient showers heads, toilets, taps and appliances.  You can also set a timer while you shower.
  2. Do not use your toilet as an ash tray or a wastebasket – one flush means 7 to 14 L dow n the drain.
  3. When buying salads, fruits and vegetables, opt for the hydroponic grown ones – this type of irrigation is very efficient meaning that only exact amount of water necessary so it used 10-20 times less water is used than soil grown produce.
  4. Use any ends of water from water bottles to water plants.
  5. Use a bucket rather than a hose, to wash the driveway/sidewalk/floor. Typical hoses use around 25 L a minute.

Stay tuned for the next post on how to reduce your water footprint indirectly.


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