Neya is Egypt’s First Charity platform for giving back. Bringing your charity needs closer to you. We give you variety, transparency and inclusion. You can donate online, donate inkind, purchase a product from our marketplace, volunteer or do CSR.

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About Us

Who we are

Neya translated means an intrinsic value to do well; our platform generates a more socially aware community growing from an individual’s fundamental need to do good. As a vision driven platform, Neya builds on the drive of a generation who want to make a difference.

It channels the potential of civil society by accelerating sustainable activity and awareness, which in turn enhances the standard of living for future generations to come. At the core of Neya is goodness, which is profoundly aided through a tool for community building.

Our Mission

To facilitate and promote sustainable development activities and collaboration. To ensure harmonious synergy and thus worthy driven efforts. To always provide a platform for knowledge sharing and management, which in turn enhances organizational and individual growth. To channel all available resources, financial, human, public and private to collectively create value and thus have the greatest impact in improving the conditions for all Egyptians.

Our Vision

To unify the development community and become a driving agent for the in betterment of humanity. To spearhead a transformation in the philanthropic landscape in the region and engage a new generation. To build a foundation that facilitates efforts of those with altruistic desires. To increase charitable activities and donations and essentially become
the leading advocates for community building and development.

Our Goal

Neya Platform aims to support all Sustainable Development Goals to Achieve Agenda 2030. By highlighting each sector and its needs, in addition to the private sectors role. Neya seeks to strengthen partnerships to support and achieve the ambitious targets of Agenda 2030. Bringing together civil society and private sector as well as other actors. Despite advances in some sectors there are still needs in others. All stake holders have a guide and community to better achieve these goals produce more an efficient impact. Building an ecosystem for development and philanthropy thus promotes partnerships for goals.

Our Partners

Our partners are helping us build a more collaborative community. Each within their own sector Neya support their efforts in achieving their development goal.