"Al Folk Center for Downsyndrom" Campaign Updates

About Al-Folk:

– The first comprehensive exemplary project in Egypt and the Middle East that provides a broad range of services to ensure the inclusion of those with special mental abilities – particularly people with Down syndrome – into society according to precise scientific standards.
– project that aligns with the goals and priorities of the state and fulfills some of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s ambitions toward that group of citizens.
– A project that is based on the latest world studies in the integration of people with special mental abilities into society and develop their sensor, mental, psychological and motor abilities.
– project that was founded after studying the most notable worldwide experiences in this field, selecting the best of them and adding to them in order to build a unique global model on the land of Egypt.
– A project that offers completely free services to all Egyptians without discrimination.


People with down syndrome in particular have potentials and abilities that need love, embracement, support, and integration in society.


Establishing community centers to provide residence and develop the abilities of people with down syndrome that could be established in various places in Egypt.