Neya x MGMP: تي شيرت

Neya x MGMP: تي شيرت


المتوفر في المخزون 1 فقط



About the Campaign:

Neya is collaborating with MGMP to create a product to shed awareness on a cause. Through this collaboration Neya will be able to show users how a community collaboration is made to help support a cause we believe in. This model can then be used by other companies or designers. Through the simple design of our T-shirts we will be giving all the proceeds to help the blind. We have found that awareness for sight and vision is lacking.

We cannot imagine our world without vision or color. The eyes play such an important role in our everyday lives and mobilization. The human senses are our contact to the environment. Humans perceive 80% of all impressions by means of sight. The eyes also best protect us from danger. The sense of sight plays a decisive role in the magic of the first moment. Gestures, facial expressions, and body language make up a large part of the overall impression. Neya’s philanthropy branch is trying to impact millions of Egyptian souls everywhere by shedding more awareness to the importance of each cause and the people whom really need our help. It is only instinctive of us as our first company initiative to support sight as they are the window of the souls, we are helping everyday through our work. We hope you support our initiative and find ways to create your own through our platform.

We thank you for your time and support!

About MGMP:

MGMP is a contemporary brand founded in 2018 by Egyptian/Syrian designer Malak Shamsi, University Arts London’s London College of Fashion graduate. The brand values the essence of postmodernity in its design inspiration and its use of consumer related typography portraying a simple and often analytical awareness of the self. As expressed in its motto “kids creating things they wish existed”, it showcases its carefree personality through its approach to clothing, blending gender-specific fits and offering its consumers a predominantly unisex collection. With its constant mood of not taking one’s self too seriously, MGMP aims to integrate clashing aesthetic approaches, utilizing different art mediums (i.e. fashion, photography, fine art) and blending the creative process with the final outcome. MGMP’s made-to-order nature of production insures there is no unused stock and therefore no waste produced. The business only consumes what is needed for production. MGMP’s collaboration with NEYA is the business’ first step towards giving back to the community. MGMP aims to help NEYA raise awareness and charity funds through the creation and distribution of printed clothing, with artwork inspired by NEYA’s charity work and the organizations involved.