Bashkatib is the initiative that will change the journalism game as we know it! Bashkatib inspires to change the journalism world, it’s trying to put more diverse voices out there and be inclusive towards youth from all over Egypt.


Founder of Bashkatib, Ahmed Elhawary, shared his story and what motivated him to create this initiative in the first place. There’s always a lack of representation and diversity within industries in Egypt, there’s also widespread of issues that are not always discussed within young people, although it’s important to point these issues out and create a meaningful discussion that might help guide or help someone.


We go through phases filled with confusion and anxiety about our future and what we’re meant to do, we feel lost and behind and we don’t always know exactly what we want, in those phases we do need the help of other people to guide us or maybe shed a light that might make us closer to what we want, Ahmed Elhawary had that friend that helped him find his way to journalism, he pondered over the fact that are a lot of people who don’t have that privilege and that don’t have those friends or people to guide them.


That’s when Bashkatib came to its founder’s mind, in its early phases it was a workshop that inspired what came to be Bashkatib, Ahmed Elhawary created a 3-month workshop that included young people in Giza, between the ages of 12 and 18, the workshop’s aim was to help these young people to express themselves through journalism, whether it be creative writing, photography or caricature, there was an exhibition under the name “Ahl Ellewa” translates to People of Ellewa, it consisted of these young people’s art that they were able to create within the workshop, then the idea expanded to Bashkatib.


The initiative that is helping these young people from all over Egypt, find ways to express their feelings and concerns through journalism, they’re fully responsible for the topics, the creative process and everything. And then Bashkatib offers the next phase of workshops which is more advanced in areas such as writing and photography.


Bashkatib was created as a way to help young people find their voice, their dreams and express themselves in a more creative way, it was created to shift the journalism game and make it more diverse and inclusive. It’s trying to make young people think and take action in more productive ways. It’s so refreshing to know such initiative exist to help young people.

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