The answer is yes! There’s a new campaign to raise awareness on the importance of greenery in Egypt and we’re here for it! I was announced that there will be campaign to plant gardens on rooftops in Cairo by Khaled Abdel Aal, Cairo Governor, on Sunday.


Egypt has been trying to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals and raise awareness on ways we could implement being more green and eco-friendly, there have been a couple of initiatives to improve and enhance Cairo’s image, from ending slums to gardening its rooftops, Khaled Abdel Aal is trying to change Cairo and make it a tad bit greener.


During a conference with Leaders of Sustainable Development and Homeland acknowledgment 2030 initiatives, Cairo’s governor announced his plans and visions for a greener Cairo, the initiative is a way to raise awareness on Sustainable Development Goals and on enhancing Cairo is a city.


It was announced that the government will be responsible for the costs of plantation, but the residents will be responsible for maintaining the garden! The initiatives to enhance the capital has been ongoing all over Egypt, and we’re really happy for a greener Cairo and a greener Egypt.

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