Cairo to Renovate All Its Informal Housing Units to Become ‘Slum-Free’ by the End of the Year

Cairo to Renovate All Its Informal Housing Units to Become ‘Slum-Free’ by the End of the Year

Cairo governor, Khaled Abdel-Aal, made an announcement was a contentious on the discussion that happened earlier in 2018, by Egypt’s Housing Ministry that declared that slums will no longer exist in Egypt by the end of 2019.

Khaled Abdel-Aal, went public with the plans to end slums in Cairo, slums occupy two thirds of the city’s metropolitan area. The residents of slums make up about 40% of Egypt’s total population, with an estimated of 258 informal settlements spread around the country. Abdel-Aal announced that slums will disappear around the end of 2019. He announced that he will rejuvenate all of Cairo’s informal housing units as well.

The goal of that project is to provide both safe and adequate housing and living spaces for the residents of Cairo, we hope to see more initiatives that shed light on the people who live in slums areas and spread more awareness on that topic.

He also stated that 40,000 housing units have been built to accommodate a portion of the people in the slum resident. He also added that 10 Billion EGP have been assigned for the project, which sounds massive.

The issue with slums and informal settlements is that it’s a huge percent of Egypt’s buildings and population, it is stated that around 11 million people live in these settlements. The new urban centers and districts will be built to accommodate those who will have to be relocated during the process, the government is planning by doing so, it will offer more job opportunities for the people there to help them lift their living standards and finances. Hopefully we see more positive reinforcements and solutions to help spread awareness, also, helping people of Egypt to get a decent living space and job opportunities.

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