"Care & Medical Treatment to Disadvantaged Children with Autism" campaign updates

We are running this urgent campaign on El Neya’s platform during the holy month of Ramadan to raise 1,000,000 EGP to establish a new treatment centre so that we can give 300 needy children with autism access to the medical care they need and deserve. Your support is critical to enabling us to secure more medical staff, physiotherapists, speech therapists, and psychologists to give more children with neurodevelopmental disorders a fighting chance at a bright future.

There are an estimated 800,000 children with autism in Egypt, a number which is growing rapidly. Unfortunately autism is unheard of in many communities, and in disadvantaged communities, many children with neurodevelopmental disorders never receive the high-quality treatment and care they need to lead eventually productive and dignified lives.

It is for this reason that Alfanar (www.alfanar.org) — the Arab region’s first venture philanthropy organisation — has partnered with Dr. Tarek Omar, a professor of pediatrics at the Alexandria University Medical School. Dr. Tarek and a team of qualified medical professionals and therapists have established the Bright Tomorrow for Child Protection Association (BTCP) to deliver high-quality, affordable treatment to poor children with autism.

BTCP treatment empowers parents to better understand their children, engage them in the family and support them to reach mainstream school. BTCP rehabilitation services currently reach 150 children each year. Their two rehabilitation centres in Alexandria are working at full capacity, both with long waiting lists of children in urgent need of support. To reach 300 children per year, we need your support to upgrade the current centres and establish a third outreach centre.


Donation Break-Down

– 3,500 EGP provides high-quality treatment to one child with autism for one year.
– 35,000 EGP pays for a therapist to work with 10 children with autism over one year.
– 200,000 EGP pays for the rehabilitation equipment needed across all centres, which are used in treatments for all 400 children.
– 350,000 EGP allows 100 children to access high-quality autism treatment over one year.
– 1,000,000 EGP allows 300 children to access high-quality autism treatment over one year.