"Educate Me" Campaign Updates

Only one in every three children in Egypt is able to read and write!
Underprivileged children in Egypt do not get equal opportunity to quality education either by not having access to education (in marginalized areas) or receiving poor quality of education due to the challenges in the public education system that include:

– Teacher-centric learning approach.
– Focus on Academic achievement and ignoring all other aspects of child development.
– Teacher-child ratio.
– Violence and unsafe learning environment.

Creating an alternative..

Imagine if underprivileged children could get quality and free of charge education with no compromises.


Established in 2015 in Talbeya-Haram, our community school provides underprivileged children from the local community the opportunity to get access to free, quality education, in a safe and nurturing environment. This is done through an educational model that is skill-based and learner-centered focusing on whole-child development with a focus on literacy, numeracy and social emotional learning. Educate Me Community School is government certified and serves over 350 children from Talbeya. The school is 75% run by the local community.

At Educate Me, we are committed to offering our students quality education that is both free of charge and free of compromises. 


To guarantee a well-rounded educational experience for our students, we invest in those with which they spend most of their time. Educate Me holds parent meetings and awareness sessions to educate parents about topics that are important to them such as parenting, psychological health and emotional well-being, nutrition and hygiene. We also empower our teachers through building their capacities to develop curricula and practice holistic, student-centered pedagogy. 75% of Educate Me staff members are hired from the Talbeya community to help us achieve a sustainable school model and help the community maintain a sense of ownership over the school. 


Therefore, by donating to fund the education of 400 of our students, you won’t only help us offer quality education to our students, but also empower an entire community. 


Educate a child and empower a community