"Empower Women Refugees Across Egypt" Campaign updates

Campaign Target: 85,000 EGP

Egypt’s 5 million refugees and migrants represent a particularly vulnerable and often-forgotten segment of society. Many live in difficult material conditions, and women in particular suffer from daily discrimination and struggle to access the education, training, job opportunities and healthcare that would enable them to lead productive, dignified lives. In response, Alfanar is launching a two-year programme to fund, train and mentor eight social enterprises working to sustainably educate, employ and empower female refugees, migrants and the host communities that support them. Support Alfanar this year to help female refugees and migrants stand on their feet across Egypt.

How Your Support Can Make a Difference:

Women across Egypt are experiencing unique and particularly dire effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. With over 2 million people having lost work and millions more a source of income to feed and sustain their families, the pandemic has increased the unequal burden of care carried by women, causing more women than men to leave the labour market. Unemployment among women across Egypt is now 16.2%. The lack of opportunity compounded by the economic and educational hardships brought on by the pandemic has fostered an even greater sense of helplessness and hopelessness. Let us come together to support vulnerable women across Egypt who are bearing the brunt of the pandemic on so many levels.

Alfanar works to sustainably educate, employ and economically empower vulnerable women and widows living in slum areas, marginalised rural villages and refugee communities by supporting ambitious social enterprises across Egypt.

Giving Levels:

1,000 EGP
You helped women refugees work and provide for their families.

5,000 EGP
You helped women refugees work and provide for their families.

20,000 EGP
You trained and employed 20 women refugees in Egypt.

About Alfanar

Alfanar is the first venture philanthropy organisation in the Arab region. We help change dynamics in slums areas, marginalised villages and refugee communities across the Arab region by supporting the sustainable growth of ambitious social enterprises working to improve children’s education, employ disadvantaged youth and economically empower vulnerable women.
To learn more about Alfanar’s venture philanthropy work, visit our website: www.alfanar.org or follow us on social media @alfanarvp: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.