"Internet Access In Shelters" Campaign Updates

As global habits shift towards digital, internet users in Egypt are barely scratching the surface of what’s possible online due to the high costs of mobile data, limited storage space, and the lack of accessible payment options. Wasla will be utilizing its mobile credit rewarding capabilities to send shelters in need, under Neya’s network, with free mobile credit every month throughout 2021. Through the help of partner sponsors and general public funding, Neya and Wasla Browser will be on a monthly basis sending each resident living within these shelters with 2 GBs worth of mobile credit. By providing internet access to shelters we are including the underprivileged community into the digital economy.

Why to Donate?

By supporting this campaign you are helping in bridging the gap in underprivileged communities. We aim to bring them into the digital economy. By empowering these shelters and giving them access to internet we are giving them access to information.

About Wasla

Wasla Browser is Egypt’s first mobile browser and gateway to a better internet! Wasla Browser is here to ensure you a faster and safer internet that saves you time, money, and mobile data by just browsing it.