"Patient Cancer Case" Campaign Updates

This is an urgent and a trusted case. A woman in her mid 30s was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and she had undergone a mastectomy. Later, she was referred for metastatic work-up as a regular check up after a couple of months from the operation. Unfortunately, the results showed that cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and other parts of her body. Her doctor prescribed 17 Trastuzumab dosages (a drug taken to shrink the size of the cancer to be operable) every 21 days and she needs to start taking them soon. Only 3 out of the 17 dosages will be subsidized by the government but she needs financial help to be capable to continue her treatment.

(Single dosage cost= 12.5K | Number of dosage needed: 14)

Why to donate?

The government is now subsidizing three extra shots. However, The woman now needs four extra shots of a new med that should be taken every 21 days with the main one as she cannot undergo surgery again.

Amount collected 102K
Amount needed 153 (including 80K for the new med – 20K/shot)

Treatment updates

We successfully delivered the double dosage needed for the case on January 31 2021. The treatment was secured from Dr. Ahmed Alwy Pharmacy in Zagazig and transferred to the hospital near by. The dosage was taken at The Zagazig hospital in the cancer wing under the supervision of The Neya Foundation and Dr. Ola. Dosage cost us 40,000 EGP.