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Face NGO

FACE’s mission is to create a world in which all children are fully protected, have access to education, and can participate in the important decisions concerning their lives. FACE implements a number of services required to address the different needs of children, and always gives priority to children placement into family setting, institutionalisation is always considered as a last resort. FACE runs its services in a professional manner and conducts systematic monitoring and evaluation in order to measure and improve its social impact. FACE aims at ensuring quality and sustainability of its activities and thus invests important efforts in training and building the capacity of its local field and support teams.
FACE was established in 2003 by Flavia Shaw-Jackson. FACE is registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs under the number 40/2005 and has been registered in 2012 as a local NGO. FACE is a leading Child Protection actor in Egypt, and is the only NGO allowed to care for abandoned children aged 0 to 2 years in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Buildings and land made available to FACE’s projects by Egyptian Ministries; active collaboration with local and national authorities.
FACE teams in Egypt (200 staff members) are entirely composed of Egyptian personnels.
Field and support teams in Egypt are supervised and monitoring by a team of specialists in Belgium (Finance, HR, Administration, Child protection).