"Scout - Fundraising for Education" Campaign Updates

Wadi El Nil Profile

SGWEN aims to shape the character of a good Egyptian citizen. Part of being an active good citizen of society is contributing to making the world a better place for others and providing the underprivileged an opportunity to turn their lives around through the needed knowledge and education. We aim to provide this opportunity to as many citizens as possible and to create a better tomorrow.


Wadi El Nil Education Initiative

For the fifth year in a row, SGWEN is working towards the community goal of combatting illiteracy and providing better quality education. This year, SGWEN is raising funds, collecting donations of school supplies and collaborating with Neya to make it happen. Join and contribute to a better tomorrow.
Through Neya, we aim to reach out to 2000 outstanding students without a family to support them. Give them the opportunity to continue their education and have a better future. The students are located in 7 governorates (Cairo, Qalyoubeya, Menia, Assiut, Sohag, Luxor, Asswan), in 69 markazes and villages, in the poorest areas of Egypt.

– Above 65% of the students are girls.
– About 10% of the students have a disability.
– 240 of the students have reached university.

Previous goals

For four years, SGWEN has managed to help 4230 students continue their educational journey. This year, our aim is to maintain the scholarship for our 4230 students, add more students and invest in helping improve the quality of education in Upper Egypt.

Our target through our collaboration with Neya is to reach to the funds for 2,000 students as a first phase.