Cima Masr, Affordable Cinemas in Egypt

Cima Masr, Affordable Cinemas in Egypt

It’s usually the arts that get a little bit ignored in our society but Cima Masr is trying to change that.

Cinemas that are affordable and accessible to everyone? Only one can dream but in this case that dream is coming to a reality. It goes without saying that movies and arts in general are important, they are not only an outlet after a busy day but also a way to connect with other ideas, people and realms.

The Egyptian Foundation for Strategic Studies & Research (EFSSR) has just announced an amazing three-year project in the making, named “Cima Masr”.  It is an initiative to get people back into going to the theatres but also making it both affordable and accessible to everyone. It was announced that the project will include 55 cinemas around the streets of Egypt, the first cinema will be constructed in July this year, while the others will be scheduled to be ready and running by January 2020. The project is not only about building accessible movie theatres and affordable tickets, it also aims to encourage young Egyptian artists, actors, directors and writers to create and pursue their dreams by granting them the exposure with an all-inclusive platform.

The project will be a way to voice the youth’s ideas and creativity, Cima Masr aims to also provide more job opportunities and create exposure for local talents through this initiative. The EFSSR is an independent, non-profit foundation by Hany Ghoneim, that was established in 2017. Its main purpose is to research ways and strategies that work towards benefiting local communities in Egypt. Hady El-Bagoury was announced to be the Business Development Manager of Cima Masr and it’s great to see that they are already including artists and directors to help build this project and bring it to life.


Hady El-Bagoury also announced in a press release that they are keen to create an environment where local artists are able to implement their skills. Through Cima Masr they will try to improve and develop the youth’s skills whether it be scriptwriting, acting, casting or directing.


Cima Masr is a wonderful and innovative initiative to encourage Egyptian artists to create and expand in film and the Egyptian Cinema. The project aims to have the tickets costing 10 EGP, the cinemas will be built in 27 different governorates and will accommodate up to 345 viewers each, with 24 seats built for the physically challenged. We can’t wait to see this project to be brought to life, and see the art made by Egyptian artists and have film be affordable and inclusive to everyone as it should be.

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