Neya helps support businesses understand their contribution and role in the ecosystem. CSR is a business approach that contributes to the sustainable development of a country which in return benefits all stakeholders. This includes social, economic and environmental benefits. Neya helps turn businesses into corporate citizens. We empower and build on the different methods making businesses more conscience and responsible, encouraging others to do the same. This in turn serves the Egyptian community at large.


Byootan is a Social Enterprise that aims to help and empower women by providing them a source of income. Byootan serves training workshops to show teach women on how to sow and make their own fashion products.These products are then sold by the women who makes them, and the profit helps support her home.


Neya is officially the charity arm of GOCLEAN. GOCLEAN is a recycling company. Under their company mission GOCLEAN is offering customers to donate the money they would take from their recycled items after its weighted to helping save a life.The cash is then donated at the end of each month to a charity. We want to encourage our users to be more environmentally friendly and help them give back to charity an easier way.


The LOTFY footwear and leather goods brand was founded in 1948 specializing in the production of men's footwear and later expanding to women and kids collections.Artisans at heart and keepers of a vanishing tradition, three generations of the painstaking techniques have been passed down from one generation of craftsmen to another.


NOLA Cupcakes is a family run business by Laila and Adel Sedky since 2010, it started as the first cupcake business in Egypt, which later on evolved into being a full-fledged dessert concept. Adel works on heavily on R&D, offering newly innovated products to the market and constantly working on developing, enhancing and growing the concept.


SCAS Construction & Finishing located in Cairo, Egypt has been active as a main contractor in construction, finishing, project management and technical support for corporate, commercial and residential departments since 2016. SCAS has been growing rapidly with a team that has over than 15 years of experience. SCAS has successfully delivered multiple high quality projects in the market on time and prides themselves on product delivery that meets client’s expectations.


Wasla is a mobile web browser that subsidizes user's mobile internet costs by leveraging digital advertising.Wasla gamifies the user’s experience by rewarding users with points, as they freely surf the internet, which are ultimately redeemable for free internet and airtime packages straight from all MNO’s in Egypt.

Waslet Kheir

Activities of Waslet Kheir: 1 - the work of the cultivation of the shell for children under the age of 6 years 2 - heart operations and the installation of stents 3- Ophthalmic operations 4- Installation of the limbs 5- Reconstruction of villages Where the association is rebuilding houses and is currently working on the reconstruction of the houses in the villages in order to increase Adameh living conditions.

Share a Smile

Share a Smile is an NGO focused on working with Orphans. Share a Smile is an NGO that has been doing charity work for several years now aimed at feeding and sheltering those families/individuals in need across Greater Cairo and its surrounding areas.