Autism Webinar Session

Neya put together an amazing panel of speakers to teach the employees of Al Ismaelia about Autism.

Blue Lights for Autism Day

Neya partnered up with Ghada Dwaik Designs and Al Ismaelia to light Cinema Radio Blue to raise awareness on autism day.

Ramadan Food Packing Day

Al Ismaelia’s employees spent the day packing our Ramadan Food Boxes.

A beautiful event organised by Neya to help those in need!

Al Ismaelia For Real Estate Investment

Al Ismaelia For Real Estate Investment was established in 2008 with the purpose of reviving Downtown Cairo and the Egyptian Identity, paired with the vision to become a leading catalyst for development. To date, Al Ismaelia has acquired a total of 25 signature heritage properties in the heart of the city, including the award winning La Viennoise, Cinema Radio, Tamara, Kodak, and many more historical properties. Al Ismaelia is involved in the acquisition, management, renovation, and leasing of heritage buildings. Our vision is to restore and revive Downtown Cairo to be the global face of Egypt through providing a unique experience that merges Downtown’s historic legacy and modern culture.