Who is Byootan

Byootan is a Social Enterprise that aims to help and empower women by providing them a source of income. Byootan serves training workshops to show teach women on how to sow and make their own fashion products. These products are then sold by the women who makes them, and the profit helps support her home. Byootan aims to train women whom also cannot afford to pay for a workshop. Neya is helping provide Byootan with material through collaborations with designers and helping them become zero waste brands. In addition, Neya helps support the training workshops, to help Byootan support women whom cannot financially afford the training classes.

Byootan Campaign

Help someone in need receive a training workshop in fashion. Byootan holds workshops to train and support women by teaching them how to sow and weave. The women create products in the workshops which they then sell to provide them with income to support their families. This Ramadan Byootan is asking for your help. For each payment you will help them by supporting more women, to join the classes. The money goes to supporting the workshop and maintain instructors.