Dao Derma

Dao Derma is a skincare clinic based in Cairo, owned by Dr. Sham Al Zahabi. Dao Derma is Egypt’s first minimally invasive nonsurgical dermatology center. By partnering up with Neya the clinic will be taking in patients from NGO’s monthly. They will work on patients, to clear up skincare conditions that need help such as scarring, burn scars , acne and more. These free treatments will help improve the livelihoods of children in need and give them confidence in their everyday life.


At Neya we believe that self care is a necessity and should be available to everyone. Thats why Neya and Dao Derma come together every month to provide children and adults from different NGO’s free skin care treatment.
Everyone is worthy of feeling confident in their skin. This on going collaboration allows us to boost the confidence of children in shelters across Egypt.

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