HIP Fashion Stores

Hip in a collaboration with Neya together in order to raise donations and awareness about the Banati Foundation, the event was powered by Neya.
Neya was there to facilitate the donations, sell its t-shirts where all the money went to the Banati Foundation. The event was more of spreading awareness through fashion and accessories. Hana El Sadat, CEO and founder of Neya, gave a speech as to why the event happened, what is the Banati Foundation and how Neya is aiming to spread awareness about all the great causes and messages out there.
There were lottery tickets that had discounts which helped people both donate and also get to buy a variety of great clothing items and accessories.
Banati was founded in 2009, it was established to help street girls in Haram, it aims to give them all the necessary tools and resources to get back on their feet and live an empowered life.
The collaboration was a statement to spread girl love and empowering women, the founders of Neya, and Hip were sending the message of supporting and empowering women through the Banati foundation. And also help spread the message of what the Banati foundation does and what Neya is all about. Neya is about both participating and sharing awareness of good intentions. It’s about giving back and making a change in the world.