Nola Gives Back

“The reason behind NOLA Gives back is that we believe that it’s our duty to be a part and give back to our community as it creates a ripple effect and we help up all helping each other”Nola is currently looking into working on recycled paper bags but it still hasn’t gone into effect. They are working on their company’s  natural capital. “NEYA is fantastic! It has unbelievable potential; it’s going to help us a lot because there are so many organizations out there that are raising awareness and helping out that we aren’t aware of. Sometimes we reach a point, where we’re limited with organizations to help from the ones we normally support because we don’t know who’s out there and what they’re doing. Now with NEYA we’ve got and endless pool of organizations that we know what they stand for to be able to help them through our NOLA Gives Back program.”    

About Nola

NOLA Cupcakes is a family run business by Laila and Adel Sedky since 2010, it started as the first cupcake business in Egypt, which later on evolved into being a full-fledged dessert concept. Adel Sedky is the CEO of the company. Adel works on heavily on R&D, offering newly innovated products to the market and constantly working on developing, enhancing and growing the concept. Nola communicates through their social media platforms towards causes that need awareness. They helped raise awareness towards Autism and what Autism is through their digital platform and retail outlets, by giving our customers information pamphlets informing them about Autism.NOLA has a Giving Back program, where all of the left over products are given to orphanages. In addition they choose an organization that is aligned with NOLA’s values and sponsor them  for 4 months where all the proceeds of our Vanilla cupcake goes toward to that organization.