Share a Smile

Share a Smile  is an NGO focused on working with Orphans. Share a Smile is an NGO that has been doing charity work for several years now aimed at feeding and sheltering those families/individuals in need across Greater Cairo and its surrounding areas. Through a modest network of volunteers, the NGO has managed in the past 10 years to bring a smile to the faces of thousands of Egyptians young and old. Not only does it aim to bring a smile to the face of those who receive assistance, but also to the faces of 800 volunteers who feel rejuvenated, energized and altogether HAPPY as a result of #The_Art_of_Giving.

With a great team of well educated, good natured young management now on board, Share A Smile is aiming venture to green fields of untapped modes of giving rarely noticed before by larger well-established NGOs. Their work today focuses on raising adequate funding to be able to provide educational workshops coverage to all our young brothers and sisters living in Egypt’s orphanages.   


Target Campaigns

  • Educate and Orphan:
      • On a quarterly basis Share a smile hosts 250 kids giving them workshops for education and emotional balance. Share a smile helps a total of 1,000 children a year.
      • Annual Fundraising Event ; Educate and Orphan #educate_an_orphan
  • Back to school:
    • Supplying Orphans with new school supplies for their new school year.
  • Ramadan Campaigns:
  • Ramadan Boxes
    • Share a smile aims to provide 6,000 Ramadan Boxes for those in need.
    • Ramadan Meals
      • Share a smile provides 40 day’s worth of meals for the hungry. They will be feeding a total target of 1,200 people.