About Wasla

Wasla is a mobile web browser that subsidizes user’s mobile internet costs by leveraging digital advertising. Wasla gamifies the user’s experience by rewarding users with points, as they freely surf the internet, which are ultimately redeemable for free internet and airtime packages straight from all MNO’s in Egypt. Additionally, Wasla offers its users a customizable home screen that allows users to stay updated with the latest news, videos, games, and social media activity and more. Our goal is to provide 500 million people in emerging markets with free mobile internet; starting off with Egypt.

Takatof Association

Takatof is an NGO focusing on Education. They focus on the development of schools both internally and externally. Takatof mainly works on schools upgrading, but it also upgrades other services that address community needs. In that respect, the Association has so far upgraded 22 schools, along with 2 clinics and a youth club quintet field and in the process of upgrading 1 school and 1 clinic. Takatof works on cultural skills for children. Takatof Association thinks of the welfare of the whole community and not just younger generations, it started a series of community service projects not only for students but for their families and the community at large. These include medical outreaches and community assistance services, giving people in poor and underdeveloped areas the chance to benefit from what is basically needed for good living.