Custom Volunteer Experience (CVE) Form

We believe that a successful international volunteer program has two key components, making a difference and having fun! It is a cultural exchange experience that allows for both the volunteer and community they are assisting to thrive and prosper while having fun..

The Custom Volunteer Experience (CVE) form allows us to review your skills, interests and what you want out of your volunteer experience to design an itinerary that maximises your contribution efforts on projects, while personalising your chosen excursions, activities and events to ensure a well-rounded enjoyable experience for you.

After submitting your CVE form, you will be contacted by our Volunteer Advisor & Destination Specialist to guide you through the booking process and start discussions with you about your role on the project, as well as free time activities and trips you would be interested in. We will then put together a volunteer schedule that allows you to best apply your expertise on the project so you can in turn unwind and enjoy your free time with your choice of exciting activities.

Once your booking is confirmed, your Custom Volunteer Itinerary will be created accordingly and sent to you along with a Pre-Departure Guide of things to do and know before you go.