Digitalizing Agricultural Production

Digitalizing Agricultural Production

Going digital is about making things more precise and easy, allowing access to everyone that needs this information and might benefit from. We’re becoming more and more digital every day and now Egypt is going to digitalize agricultural production, which is going to help farmers and everyone involved in agricultural production immensely!


You might ask why is Egypt digitalizing agriculture now? Well, many countries around the world also started digitalizing agricultural production, and it was time for Egypt and other developing countries around the world to adopt this idea. There are huge challenges regarding rapid population growth and the decrease in arable land and going digital seemed the smart way to go. There are so many benefits to digitalize agriculture, not only but will it help farmers get access easily on all the important information regarding agriculture.


The announcement was made by the Egyptian Agriculture Ministry in partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It’s going to be a joint project to develop a digital agricultural guiding model and it’s going to be a part of the 2018-2020 program signed by the Egyptian government.


Ministry representatives and Agriculture officials demonstrated why going digital would benefit us in the long run. They are trying to achieve food security and overcome starvation and it’s hard when there are challenges such as rapid population growth and decrease in arable land. Digitalizing agriculture production will help improve this issue and enhance the efficiency.  There are so many benefits such as the decrease in expenses for farmers and reduce waste in production which will help the environment and ensure a sustainable production. It will also help to raise crop yields production through better and easy access to information. In addition, it will enhance trade by connecting the suppliers to new markets!

More on how they will digitalize the agricultural production, the ministry is trying to establish an information center that has all the data regarding food production, it will forecast operations for water usage and areas that need cultivation. They will do that through a map that contains all the data and country’s landscapes that would help farmers and so many people gain access and information which would make the agricultural production easier and more productive


We are glad to see more ways and initiatives to help the environment and to make it easier to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

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