As a way of celebrating and contributing to World Environment Day, Egypt’s Ministry of Environment planted 590 trees in Eastern Delta on Saturday. The main aim from this initiative is to reduce pollution. It is not a secret that Egypt suffers from high pollution rates, greenery in Egypt is becoming less and more fuel is polluting the air, but the ministry of Environment is trying to make a change.


There have been multiple initiatives to plant one million trees across the country, to reduce pollution and also for climate change, the initiatives are in the works currently, and the ministry of environment in the Eastern Delta branch is implementing the initiative.


What are the initiative goals or aims? Well, there are two main goals, one is to secure food in specific areas, and the second is to reduce the effect of climate change and spread awareness. Theirs is still a lack of awareness when it comes to climate change and our future that might not exist due to global warming. But initiatives like these will help people better understand the effects and dangers of climate change.


Egypt’s ministry of Environment announced the implementation of the first monitoring station for instant air pollutant in El Minya governorate, earlier in March. Statistics show that as of today, there are 97 air pollutant monitoring stations across the country.


We are glad to see more effort and light being shed on air pollution, which is a huge issue in Egypt and also on climate change and hope that the effort and awareness continues to grow.

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