Great news for all Egyptian women that are looking forward to be in the directing business, we are always trying to shed light on great initiatives that are empowering women, giving them a platform and equal opportunities.


It was announced by Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) as a collaboration with the Ministry of culture, that it will launch its first forum for female directors, in August to further empower their creativity.


The main purpose of this forum is to develop the female directors’ talents, abilities and creativity and most important ensure that there are greater roles for women in the film industry, they are trying to navigate ways in order to give a platform for women to grow and create better roles and representations. On Saturday, a statement by Dr. Maya Morsi, the president of the council, explained in details what the forum is for and how it will help women in the film industry.


She also added how grateful she is for the role of the Ministry of Culture, specifically, Enas Abdel Dayem, and her efforts for launching the forum and supporting Egyptian women and their communities. The launch of the forum was first announced during the opening for young directors under the theme of “Theatre for the Public” were they were discussing the creating of workshops and forums in writing and theatrical texts for young people and women.


We are glad to see more initiatives and movements being made towards empowering women and giving them a platform and a chance to experience with their creativities and abilities.

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