Ramadan Hot Meals-2

About The Neya Foundation

The Neya Foundation strives to support the Egyptian Community by focusing on economic empowerment and education. We provide services in order to provide people in order to give them the tools to lead a productive life themselves. We can help them lift themselves out of poverty.

Our aim is to advance human dignity while aiding to the collective promise of the sustainable development goals. We build communities of support and nurture initiatives that help our communities well-being.

We invest early in initiatives for impact. By doing so we help invest in the potential of projects that help us achieve the sustainable development goals and aid to the strategy of 2030.


Neya x Eed Wahda

Neya and End Wahda have joined their forces to help survivors and victims of abuse financially and support them to stand back on their feet. The aim of the partnership is to not only support financially, but to empower survivors and raise awareness on abuse. In addition, the partnership encourages victims of abuse to speak up and use their voice!