Humanity Around Cairo

Humanity Around Cairo

Helping humans, giving back and paying it forward in the everyway we can, it’s very heartwarming when we see examples like Zaza, who is trying to help kids who have cancer to find a little bit of relief and joy in their days, also helping their families not to worry about paying rent or finding a place to stay at during the treatment.


Zaza is a 50-year-old man, who turned his apartment into joyful place where kids who get treatment from 57357 hospital could stay at during the treatment. Renting out a place could be expensive and a hectic process for parents and families that come from all over Egypt so that their kids receive the treatment.


Zaza Home can serve seven cases, he renewed his apartment, colored it, it has toys, TV and Wi-Fi so that the kids could feel a bit better during the stay, the accommodation is for free, the families can stay as much as they need to. Zaza refused donations because he insists on making this rest house to be an act of charity and giving back.


We hope to see more and more people like Zaza who give back and do good for sole purpose of doing good.

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