Inertia’s Creative Initiative to Give Back

Inertia’s Creative Initiative to Give Back

Inertia thought of a creative way to both give back and also make people less obsessed with their phones, which is a complete win-win. The real estate developer ‘Inertia’ has collaborated and teamed up with Egyptian Food Bank for a great initiative that donates meals.


It’s not news that we’re becoming more and more obsessed with our phones and we barely leave them, even when our eyes hurt, our hands hurting we still can’t put them down. According to a research by Dscout, we touch our phones 2,617 times a day… a day. Since Ramadan is all about self-control and self-discipline, Inertia came up with a creative way to help us give back by controlling the amount of times we touch our phones in the day, which is 2,617 times!


For the third year in a row, Inertia, the leading Egyptian real estate company developing distinct and dynamic projects all across Egypt, is spreading the Ramadan spirit with the ‘Digital Fasting for Good’ initiative, a way for people to put down their phones, focus on spending quality time with their friends and family but also contributing to a great cause.


So how do they do that exactly? Well, the initiative asks visitors during the 4 weekends of Ramadan to leave their phones in safe boxes or in a portable charging station in various locations, and for every 30 minutes a phone is locked, four meals will be donated to those who need it during Ramadan.


This year, in collaboration with the Egyptian Food Bank, Inertia has taken the initiative on a much larger scale, resulting in the donation of over 1,500 meals in the last 2 weekends, where the initiative started in Crave, Bocca Eatery and Social House, Ayadina, Serena Eatery, Capital Promenade and The Platform.

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