At Neya we believe that self care is a necessity and should be available to everyone. That's why Neya and Dao Derma come together every month to provide children and adults from different NGO’s free skin care treatment. Everyone is worthy of feeling confident in their skin..

Luisa Brasil

Luisa Brasil, an instructor at polefit, has teamed up with Neya as its channel for giving back. Combining fitness and charity, Luisa will be giving one class a month dedicated to charity. Luisa’s classes will be hosted on The Neya App and participants will be able to sign up directly.

NEWGIZA Initiative

NEWGIZA has collaborated with Neya in order to use its service to give back to communities in need. Through Neya, New Giza residents will be able to donate their unwanted items, Neya will pick them up and provide them to a new home or shelter in need.

"Jenan Benhalim's Giving Tuesday"

I’ve always been into fitness and fascinated by the human body and what it can do. I started by fitness journey when I was very young. After living in Barcelona for my undergrad I got into yoga and decided to take it to the next step after realizing how much it changed my life..

Food Boxes for Daily Income Workers

As part of our responsibility to give back to our community and the current COVID-19 crisis which as left many communities and the working class vulnerable we aim to support 5,000 families with food boxes around egypt..


The COVID19 pandemic is slowly taking over our lives. We are so grateful to health care workers on the frontlines of this crisis, going to work every day to keep us safe and take care of those affected..

Zero Waste

For Fashion Designers we work closely to collect the waste left over from their designs and transfer it to workshops for women who learn how to sow and design their own products. The training sessions help women provide for their families. We also collect old sowing machines and donate them.

Youth Out

Schools out! Each year we can’t wait to start our summer vacation. Just as much as we love ending the year, we love starting it with new backpacks and supplies. What we are asking from you is to donate your unwanted school supplies to a child in need.