NEWGIZA Initiative

NEWGIZA has collaborated with Neya in order to use its service to give back to communities in need. Through Neya, New Giza residents will be able to donate their unwanted items, Neya will pick them up and provide them to a new home or shelter in need. New Giza’s principles shed light on being a socially responsible community.


NEWGIZA is the largest integrated upscale development in Egypt. Spanning over 1,500 acres, the development is strategically located in the 6th October district, on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. Upon completion of the entire project, NEWGIZA will become an integrated, self- sufficient community where residents find whatever they need. Each neighborhood speaks out with unique character, boasting innovative designs, world class amenities and luxurious comfort; collectively representing a unified sense of community. Their world-class healthcare, education and sports facilities; collectively exhibit how they help their community develop in the present to meet the needs of tomorrow. They encourage their community to explore new experiences, achieve new limits, live for the moment, and breakthrough with excellence.