Is Revolta Going to Be the New Tesla?

Is Revolta Going to Be the New Tesla?

Great news for environment, we now have something to look forward to for 2020! Electric cars are the future and they are environmentally cautious. Revolta Egypt announced that by 2020, Egypt will have 345 electric car charging stations, , not only will it cater to people who own electric cars, but it’s also normalizing getting an electric car! Which is a win-win for the planet.

It is no doubt that fuel hurts our planet, that’s why we always encourage people to take more walks, ride bicycles and overall reduce the usage of cars. That’s just one of many ways you can go green and be friendly to your environment and planet. We are keen to always spread awareness regarding climate change and its effects on our environment, and what Revolta is doing, is honestly changing the game.

The country’s first network of electric car charging stations, Revolta Egypt. Announced plans to double its stations across Egypt by 2020, the current number of stations is 130 and with it doubling it, it means 345 stations will be installed! Mohamed Badawy, CEO of Revolta Egypt, said that operation stations are across 10 Egyptian governorates, including: Cairo, Red Sea, Southern Sinai and Alexandria. And the expansion plans are predicted to cost around 100 million EGP in investments. An agreement between Revolta Egypt and Shell Egypt has been signed, which will to set up more than 100 electric charging stations at Shell Shops across the country, very exciting!

If it all goes well and as planned, Mohamed Badawy is stating that 90% of Egypt’s road will be covered with electric charging stations, which will serve and cover up to 10,000 cars on a daily basis, making it easy and accessible to people with electric cars!

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