Using your platform to do good, spread awareness and supporting good initiatives it’s how it should be. We are seeing more and more online movements that are trying to spread awareness on plastic and going green.


Recently there’s an online campaign that took the internet by a storm, if you been on Instagram recently, you probably have come across this campaign, Kefaya Plastic which translates to Enough Plastic, the online campaign is trying to spread awareness on the harm caused by plastic waste, it doesn’t only harm the oceans, it also harms the marine life and humans too.


Kefaya Plastic, the campaign speaks for itself, what a better way to choose a name for an initiative than using the exact message you want to deliver? Stop using plastic, that’s exactly what the campaign is aiming forward, it’s hoping to reach more people and organizations, it’s hoping to spread awareness and change people’s perspective.


Many fish and turtles consume plastic waste, they end up either dying or suffocating in that plastic, we also consume fish and therefore harming ourselves, we’ve constantly talked about the harms of using plastic when it comes to our water, oceans and marine life, this campaign is shedding light on the harms it will cause humans as well.


So, what exactly is the campaign? We have all the details for you, the campaign consists of three stages, the first stage is the viral video of Ahmed Magdy suffocating by plastic waste, the video was showcasing the struggles humans will face if they keep their dangerous habits of using plastic. The first stage is that plastic surrounds the human. The second stage, is that human sinks in it and the final stage is plastic consumption turns into a habit.


The video focused on what the message is, if we don’t stop using plastic we will end up suffocating in it. The online campaign wants to raise awareness on the damage plastic waste can cause to both humans and environment. The initiative was launched in the beginning of June, it started with World Environment Day, a number of volunteers joined the campaign, they also believe it’s important to spread awareness on reducing plastic. The idea reached the founder of the initiative after staying abroad and seeing how the world is trying to prevent the usage of plastic. It inspired her to create the movement, seeing how Egypt has a huge amount of plastic waste.


The campaign is trying not to only reach people but organizations that can help fund the project, they are trying to spread awareness on using plastic and how fatal it is to stop using plastic and throwing it in the oceans.


We are happy to see more initiatives like this come to light and hope and that more people pay attention to them and support them but most importantly learn from them and change their ways.

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