There have been efforts recently to focus on people with special needs and trying to enhance their day to day life and give them a quality of life. It’s important to see initiatives that work towards that and trying its best to come up with active solution to focus on people with special needs.


Majidah is one of those initiatives and it’s one of its kind, it is the first Egyptian online platform to employ people with disabilities, it’s founded by Ebtessema, they believe equal rights for everyone, they have been putting efforts to help people with mental disabilities and special needs through programs and initiatives.


So, what is Majidah? The initiative is named after Ebtessama’s founder, Magda Samy, she is a social worker, she focuses on people with special needs, and the initiative is essentially a collaboration with Vodafone Egypt for Community Development, which helped facilitate the establishment of this platform.


Majidah is an online website created to include people with disabilities into the job market and help them ease the job-hunting process, not only that but it’s an entire system, it prepares them for the job market, and it is also platform for employer to search for candidates, it offers a variety of chances from job opportunities to training centers and institutions, it is a detailed site to help guide people with special needs to find a suitable job for their skills.


The initiative is more than a way to integrate people with special needs/disabilities into society and the job market, in addition to that, it’s trying to raise awareness on the importance of equal opportunities for everyone. It is trying to tackle social barriers and cultural barriers between people and raise awareness on how to deal with people with special needs, since there’s a lack in that area and most people don’t know how to deal with them or make efforts to understand them.


The initiative is a way to change that people’s awareness and help them further understand and tackle social barriers and offer people with special needs a platform to work, integrate and be a part of society!


It’s a place that doesn’t discriminate and it’s safe for people with special needs to use, we should do our best to be kind towards people and give them a safe space to express themselves and be a part of the community.

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