Misr Italia is Giving Back

Misr Italia is Giving Back

Giving back is important and it is so efficient when huge corporations decide to make a huge impact and invest their money in good causes such as education! CSR is a crucial aspect in companies and it adds to the charity ecosystem. Education by far is one of the most important things, that one could have, with education you are informed and you are aware, you also get an access to make better decisions and better the world around you.


Misr Italia is giving back to education and investing in it, which is huge, Misr Italia created an initiative under the name of “Growing Together” or “Maa Baad Bnkbar” the initiative was a way to give back to the community through it, they believe in bettering human lives and the quality of it, they care about youth and their right to education.


Misr Italia partnered up with the Armed Forces Lands Projects Authority, they are providing them with land in the New Administrative Capital to construct a school and Misr Italia will fund the whole construction, the Armed Forced Engineering Authority will be responsible for the construction of this school.


The school will very spacious and is said to accommodate 1500 students from primary school, middle school to high school. It will have 56 classes, also a theatre, computer laps and a field. They want the students to have room to express themselves and make the school a productive place to be, not only learning but also enhancing their skills.


The Maa Baad Bnkbar initiative is not new to building schools and funding the constructions, it was said that before the initiative helped build two schools with 12 Million EGP investments. They are constantly trying to help the underprivileged governorates.


Misr Italia donated 25 Million EGP for the constructions of the New Administrative Capital, the name of the school would be “Al Assal Language School” which is going to help building the school. It is also important to state that Misr Italia’s initiative to give back to schools and education of people is going to help immensely, it will offer tools for students that will help them in the future.

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