On Saturday 27th of July, Alexandria witnessed a one of a kind initiative “Plastic Ba7”. Created in collaboration by Greenish and Banlastic, a workshop that wanted to spread active solutions and awareness regarding the usage of plastic and its dangerous outcomes on our planet and environment.


The four days’ workshop aimed to teach young men and women more about how to be environmentally friendly and help others as well, it aimed to clean up Alexandria’s beaches alongside the people on the beach, the workshop was created to involve other people that might not know the dangerous effects of plastic and hopefully by the end of the clean-up they would be more involved and aware of the environment.

The clean-up was gamified to help people essentially learn about recycling by collecting plastic and learning about the different types of plastic, they were divided into teams and each team has a specific job, there was a bank (Bank El Ba7) to trade in the plastic to get a currency/money (Ba7) it’s a currency where you can buy with it foods and drinks on the beach. The plastic and waste was used to get the currency to buy stuff on the beach, the more you collected, the more you earned currency and were able to buy more with it.

There was a food booth, a drink booth and the bank. There were awareness groups to talk to people on the Dekheila beach about plastic waste, what the initiative is about and teach them about ways they can be more environmentally friendly and contribute to this cause. Responsible for the awareness were another important initiative called Lampa.


Lampa located in Alexandria, is an initiative created to raise awareness on how to be environmentally friendly and how to be more sustainable through planting, recycling and raising awareness and ideas on the daily. They aim to simplify how to be green and sustainable. In the clean-up, they handled talking to the people on the beach and show them their recycled products they made and help people understand why being sustainable is important.


Neya witnessed this great initiative on its last day by cleaning the Dekheila beach, and making families, kids and people help clean up the beach and understand the different types of plastic and why it’s important to pay attention to our environment. We hope to see more interactive initiatives like this in the future.

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