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Bloom Egypt

BLOOM. Means to grow and unfold, it suggests rebirth, revival and awakening. Flowers were always used to describe women, their delicacy and beauty. At BLOOM. we chose the ancient Egyptian lotus flower, the Lotus was a potent ancient Egyptian symbol and icon in mythology often depicted in ancient Egyptian art. It was a symbol of the union of upper and lower Egypt, a symbol of the sun, of creation, rebirth and regeneration, because at night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again.

Shattered or broken, we Egyptian women just like our lotus flower, will bloom, rise untainted and rejuvenated, unsilenced and empowered, survivors and not victims, fighters for our cause. However, as the lotus flower calls upon us we must be united in this fight regardless of our gender, religion, and age, we must bloom, together, because where flowers BLOOM. so does hope.

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