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GebRaa was legally found in 2008, started operations in export in 2012 and started production mid 2014 to help marginalized Egyptian artisans find new markets for their threatened crafts, so they would feel economically & socially empowered & appreciated.
We are a social enterprise aiming at reviving Egyptian traditional crafts which are at the brick of extinction, through product innovation in design including function, materials and use of green technology. GebRaa markets with a cutting edge to reach out to new businesses nationally and internationally, since it only focuses on exporting and business to business. By using diverse methods such as design thinking, engaging clients with the design, prototyping and testing process as well as storytelling, more over we are having a blog to raise more awareness.
We work to promote a series of disappearing crafts by supporting product development to match the needs of socially conscious local and international customers. While striving for unique production, also offering training to artisans. As we aim to inspire pride in their cultural heritage.
We are the first in the world to use the newly introduced wood made of midrib palm tree. At first this was a major agriculture waste that used to get burned by the rates of 80 million tons per year. But by the collaboration with the engineering school of Ain Shams, we were capable to be the first to use this type of wood in our home décor line.

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