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My Fat Lady

MyFatLady Bio - Instagram @My.fat.lady

My fat lady was born in 2013, a full-grown woman with lots of curves and a matching attitude. She is my alter ego, born when one summer I was losing my curves, and was afraid to lose my identity with it. She is my tribute to roundness and women in all shapes and sizes. When we never seem satisfied with our bodies, my fat lady celebrates her own in every pose she strikes and every doughnut she devours. Fearless and utterly light (in spirit) she will turn heads and create conversations wherever she goes.

Ghida Younes Bio – Instagram @Ghidayo

Born in 1970 in the village of Deirkoubel in Lebanon, Ghida Younes had a childhood filled with a love of food. She had an interest in the Arabic language, and started her career as a teacher. Later, she moved into advertising, starting a job with Leo Burnett in Beirut in 1997 as an Arabic copywriter. She later became creative director of the Beirut office but in 2010, she left the company to pursue a screenwriting course at the New York Film Academy in New York after which she returned to Lebanon and produced her own TV show. In 2013, she began working on the My Fat Lady series, her own special tribute to life in colours, full roundness and freedom in every woman’s own body. She exhibited in Tawlet, Beirut (2018), Fann a porter, Dubai (2018 & 2019).
The artist lives in Beirut, Lebanon, and is a Creative Director at work, a storyteller at heart, a painter at play, and forever a food lover.

"40% of the proceeds go to Neya's education causes"

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