Men’s Save A Paw Sketch T-shirt Black

Men’s Save A Paw Sketch T-shirt Black


The Sahara Collection, Save A Paw, Third Edition The Egyptian brand, The Sahara Collection is back with a third collection supporting animal shelters! In January 2017, The Sahara Collection created “Save A Paw,” a line of apparel whose profits are donated to animal shelters in Egypt. Every line stresses on a different topic related to animal welfare. This time #SaharaSavesAPaw focuses on the importance of adoption and pet commitment. The importance of being dedicated to saving a life and incorprating pets into your home as a permanent family member.This collection for men and women, includes ready-to-wear sweaters, t-shirts and accessories. All designed in comfortable cotton with a stylized of-the-moment fit and an important message about animal welfare.

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