Salma Osman – Zero Waste Initiative

Salma Osman – Zero Waste Initiative

Salma Osman – Zero Waste Initiative

Salma Osman

About the brand:

Salma Osman is a brand  made to make a women look and feel their best by providing her with a head turning outfit that flatters her aesthetic and fits her personality all through an individualized luxury experience. Salma Osman is the head designer and owner of the brand Salma Osman. Salma Osman is a design house that offers customized and ready to wear evening wear.

Why Fashion:

I’ve always loved imagining different designs in my head but never felt I would end up working with it. I didn’t know how to sew or how to create patterns, but always felt I had a very creative side to me. After I graduated, I was going to start the dreaded job hunt before I realized a corporate job wasn’t for me. I wanted to do something that was fulfilling and to me fulfillment comes hand in hand with passion. That’s when I decided to study design before launching my own brand.

Why Neya:

Finding ways to keep my brand present and successful is key to making Salma Osman a sustainable brand. I am using Neya to become a Zero waste brand. The more successful I become it is important for me to think of my role in the fashion industry and community. The idea came to me when I started realizing that as the demand for orders grew so did the amount of cloth laying around in my atelier after making a new piece. The amount of waste didn’t seem right to be unused. When I reached out to Neya they helped me connect with Byootan, a company that helps train and empower women teaching them sowing and to design their own pieces in order to bring in income to support their households. They offer training for women whom also can’t afford to pay to learn. For me this is such a rewarding experience but also a responsibility to ensure that I am giving back to my community and empowering those whom are less privilege.

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