It sounds impossible and almost unlikely to happen, right? But it’s true and there’s evidence to showcase that. You can actually make suits, clothes and garments from plastic bottles!


It’s getting more and more widespread to use plastic as a means to create sustainable clothes to spread awareness on the issue of plastic waste in oceans. We have seen Adidas Parley a new collaboration that made sport shoes from plastic waste, and now we’re seeing more people and companies adapting the idea as well.


Egyptian cotton is famous for its high quality, but saying that we also have seen a huge drop in cotton crop, and now few companies and recycling factories are trying to find new sustainable and creative ways in producing clothes of high quality but also environmentally friendly.


There have been recent government efforts to boost cotton production but many manufacturers are stating that purchasing cotton is still an expensive process, and a lot of recycling factories are trying to come up with cheaper and more sustainable ways to make mindful clothes, they believe that fabric can be a cheap alternative to cotton, and now they are looking into plastic bottles as a way to both reduce plastic waste and also spread awareness.


A lot of recycling factories are starting to reuse plastic bottles to make fiber, which can be used to make polyester fabric which can be a sustainable alternative to cotton. The Pharaohs Polyester Stable Fibre Factory is one of the factories, that are trying to make a difference. The current production of the factory is about 18000 ton annually!


According to the director of the factory, Ahmed Gemeay, there have been a massive decrease in the use of cotton, and for many reasons including: less cotton being planted in both Egypt and globally too, a lot of factories are switching to fiber and are calling it “the alternative cotton”, also for the fact that purchasing cotton is an expensive process. Many manufacturers are reinforcing this statement by stating that there’s a high demand in the market for polyester made from recycled fiber! We cannot wait to see more sustainable alternatives that are trying to be environmentally friendly.

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