There’s a Syrian Children Initiative held by UNICEF named “Give Hope to Syrian Children”. Joining this initiative are celebrities helping to shed  awareness.


Syrian children have been victims of war for eight years, no child deserves to live under circumstances or conflict. UNICEF have been spreading awareness regarding the Syrian children through its social media and website. One of the newest initiatives by UNICEF is “Give Hope to Syrian Children” the initiative is created to donate money and help spread awareness on Syrian children.


You can visit this link to learn more on the initiative and also help donate money to save children there, you learn exactly where your money is going, what amount of money will do for the child and you will have the choice to either donate once or monthly! There’s no such thing as “little amount of money” donate whatever you can, contribute and help these children, your donations will go a long way, you can of course share the initiative and help spread awareness so more people can read and donate.


As a part of spreading the campaign to let more people know about the initiative UNICEFF collaborated with celebrities such as: Salma Abu Deif, the Egyptian actress, Raya Abirached, Lebanese TV presenter and singer Layla Kardan, also Enjy Kiwan, an Emirati TV presenter and Humanitarian. The celebrities were a part of bringing the campaign to light and to reach more people.


Give Hope to Syrian Children lets you donate monthly or once, with every 250 AED you will be able to save a child’s life by providing therapeutic food and treatment for severe malnutrition, with 100 AED you will be able to save a child’s life by providing them the life-saving food they acquire to survive, with 600 AED you will be able to provide 21 families with water containers and ensuring they have access to clean water in their homes! You also have the other option where you can choose whatever amount works for you. Remember that any amount you choose to donate is going to be helping Syrian children and family a great deal, donate, share the message and join the initiative.


The volunteers of the UN constantly are working to provide Syrian children with supplies, medicine, vaccines, healthcare, access to clean water and food and also psychological support, and with UNICEF’s newest initiative it will help donate more to Syrian children and give access to clean water for Syrian families! Donate, share the message, be a part of a great cause and help your brothers and sisters in humanity.



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