Urban Earthlings Are Normalizing Going Green

Urban Earthlings Are Normalizing Going Green

Make sure to keep an eye out on Urban Earthlings for they are making sustainability available, accessible and widespread. From bamboo brushes, street straws to organic cups, Urban Earthlings offers a wide range of products for day-to-day use, to help people more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.


We are seeing more and more actions being taken towards sustainability, zero-waste and eco-friendly initiatives rising all around Egypt, but with that being said, it’s still hard because alternatives are limited and not as accessible.


Urban Earthlings, is an online shopping brand that sells cruelty-free and zero-waste products for daily use. It was founded in April 2019, it offers a variety of options starting from bamboo brushes to stainless steel straws, to eco-friendly grocery bags and totes.


Amira Ayman founder of Urban earthlings lives an ecofriendly lifestyle she would actually buy material from abroad to make sustainable bags Then finally, she decided to stop complaining about these products not being available in Egypt, and decided to try and make it happen. This is why you should always start and take action, do not wait for others to do so, if you want to see a change, be the change.


It would be so obvious that Amira Ayman is a pro-sustainability and animal rights advocate, she has also been donating to animal shelters for years. In continuing doing so, she sets aside parts of the proceeds from her sales to go towards animal welfare as well as environmental issues. So, by supporting Urban Earthlings you are not only being the change, you are helping to donate to great causes and initiatives. One of the causes Urban Earthling’s contributes to are reforestation projects and research and development that help reduce carbon footprints.


She has been a plant-based vegan for four years but surprisingly she doesn’t think everyone should go vegan, only the people who have the means to, should. Which is so important and a discussion that needs to be put out there. Going vegan is one of the things we could do to help our planet, but going vegan in Egypt is extremely hard with the lack of alternatives and accessibility, also the alternatives that we do have, are extremely expensive.


There’s also a misconception that being vegan is easy, it’s easy to be a wrong vegan, there’s research to be made and vitamins to be consumed on a daily basis to help balance everything out. However, if you are interested in going vegan to help our planet, please make sure to do a ton of research, make sure to know what vitamins you will need and also that you have the means to sustain being vegan. However, with that being said, we can all sustain at least one vegan day a week. Which will surely help make a difference.

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