Vegan Options in Cairo

Vegan Options in Cairo

It’s mid January, also known as Veganuary.  During the first month of the year, many pledge to eat a vegan diet.  Some stop at the end but many do continue to follow it.  Let’s face it, we can start following a vegan diet at anytime of the year, but it is a lot easier to have a support system and to know how to get things done.

As many of you know, following a more plant-based or vegan diet is generally more environmentally and climate friendly because it’s a way to reduce your carbon footprint. That doesn’t mean that you have to disrupt your life and go vegan all of a sudden but it does mean that every little counts. Any changes in diet, even eating on plant-based meal a day can make a difference.

Let’s not load up on the avocado toast yet though – eating plant based is only this effective if we try our best to consume locally produced foods. What’s the sense in eating plant based if our avocados are flown all the way from Kenya?! Surely it cancels things out.

Fear not! Eating plant based in Cairo has gotten easier. Here are a few options:

Food delivery services like Cairo Healthy Food, make a wide range of vegan cheeses or vegan meat substitutes like tofu, tempeh or even chickwheat nuggets.

Yalla Vegan has ready meals delivered straight to you with their own selection of frozen foods – even local favourites, like vegan hawawshi and kofta.

If you like to cook yourself, check out Chocolate Covered Katie‘s recipes.

Sincerely V caters and delivers a range of plant-based foods, raw or hot meals, that non-vegans love too.  Follow her on social media to find tips on how to integrate more veggies and fruits into your diet. Her outlook on the plant-based movement is contagious.

KAJU offers delicious raw plant based options like ice-cream options in delectable flavours, raw cakes and even pizza for the oven.

Otherwise, check out Earth Deli at Zamalek Market on Saturday’s or Sea Salt Bakery.

Osana Wholefood Cafe in Maadi if you’re up for an experience of wellness and holistic health too.

If you’re in Sheikh Zayed or New Cairo, check out Be Good To You, healthy desserts.

Mori Sushi now has a full vegan menu as well.

Surely there are other options, feel free to get in touch to add some to the list.


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