Explore the historic ruins of one of the greatest, most ancient and powerful civilizations in the history of the world, while contributing to the impoverished communities of Egypt. Egypt is a beautiful country with a vastly impressive history that demonstrates the capability and fortitude of the Egyptian people.

In Egypt, there are three types of climate: Mediterranean climate on the northern coast, desert climate in inland areas, and finally, the climate of the coast of the Red Sea, equally desert but a bit milder.

However over the years, Egypt has experienced a significant economic and social decline. With a population of over 100 million and over 32% living below the poverty line, Egypt has become a worthwhile volunteer destination with ample opportunity for contribution efforts and immense potential for advancement.

Capital: Cairo – the largest city in Africa and the Middle East in terms of population
Population of Egypt: Over 100 million
Population of Cairo: Over 20 million
Language: Arabic
Currency: Egyptian Pound
Religions: Muslim (Mostly Sunni) 90%, Coptic Christian and other 10%.

Volunteer & Internship Programs

Value of Volunteer Participation

Volunteer Tourism is about maximising the positive impact travel can make on local communities through cultural exchange experiences that work towards supporting long term sustainable development goals. Experience the joys of giving back when you join Neya Volunteering projects

Community Development Volunteer Program

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Marketing for Community Development Intern

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We believe there is more to your placement, than simply the incredible work that is happening right here on the ground. Egypt provides world-class activities and opportunities. You can discover some of the world’s most exquisite landmarks, captivating culture and mesmerising views on offer.