Neya Responsible Voluntourism

Travel with purpose while experiencing Egypt in a culturally responsible way – “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi

At Neya, we believe that responsible volunteer travel is about maximising the positive impact travel can make on local communities through cultural exchange experiences that work towards supporting long term sustainable development goals.

Neya offers first-hand locally run volunteer and internship programs with efficiently organized tailored placements. We provide 24-hour support and access to a range of exciting excursions that map out Egypt’s rich history, locate stunning scenery, and pinpoint hidden gems.

We strive to provide both our volunteers and community members on project with a mutually beneficial cultural exchange experience. The Neya community bridges barriers, making way for deeper human connections and authentic familiarisation with local language, customs and traditions.

We work closely with trusted local NGOs in Egypt to directly address the needs of underprivileged local communities and develop significant programs that utilise the skills and potential of international volunteers to maximise contribution efforts, while upholding Neya’s Code of Conduct.

We expect our volunteers to have a mutual desire to instil positive change, inspire wealth of knowledge and join a community that is kindred both in good intentions and resourceful skill sets.

Together we can be the change we strive to see in ourselves, each other and the world.


Responsible Volunteering Practices

With extensive knowledge of the volunteer travel industry and its many pitfalls and unethical practices, we make sure to follow a set of guidelines and take certain measures to safeguard all parties involved and ensure our programs are making a genuine difference to effectively reach their goals in promoting development and sustainability.

Criminal Background Checks & Child Protection Policy

We require all our volunteers obtain background checks prior to arrival on project. Safeguarding the children and vulnerable adults we work with is a top priority

Code of Conduct

When you are volunteering with us, you are representing Neya and therefore setting an example in our name. We kindly ask that you adhere to our reasonable and well-rounded code of conduct designed to protect your interests, as well as the interests of the community and staff working alongside you. The penalties are outlined and action will be taken if violated.

Sustainable Project Goals

We believe that sustainability is the key to long lasting development so we have implemented some philosophies to help guide our programs and achieve our goals:
“Pay It Forward” System – Relies on members of the community passing on knowledge and skills they learn from volunteers to other members of the community, thus allowing the community to collectively thrive and become sustainable.

No Handouts Policy – We strive to avoid creating and perpetuating a culture of dependency where members of the community rely on handouts and that is why we ask volunteers not to give donations directly to members of the community. We encourage and arrange for in kind and monetary donations in critical and sustainable cases, such as natural disaster relief or sponsoring a child’s education. Donations to help members of the community make a living without being burdened by financial hardships of outstanding circumstances.

Monitoring Progress of Projects – Tracking real achievements and milestones made by the community with the help of volunteers. We send out a monthly newsletter with project updates, efforts & accomplishments. We believe in transparency and like our volunteers to have a clear view of our vision and acts towards a sustainable future in Egypt.

Cultural Exchange & Personal Development

Embedding yourself in the local culture through daily interactions with community members of different economic & social backgrounds will allow you to step outside your comfort zone and broaden your horizons to view the world through a different lens. The feeling you get from fulfilling your social responsibility and engaging in an authentic cultural exchange adventure can make an individual gain alternative perspective and even at times reach new heights of personal growth.

Volunteer and Dine With Locals – Meet like-minded local volunteers with a passion for making a difference, as well as community and staff members all working towards a common goal

Excursions, Activities and Cultural Events – At an additional fee by local entities to ensure authentic fun experiences

Learn a New Language & Teach English – We offer language courses at a fee for all our volunteers & interns

Make Lifelong Friends – From all over the world with a passion for travel

Gain International Experience, Network and Make Friends From All Walks of Life – With a passion for travel and giving back, while acquiring an edge for future work opportunities

Personalised Volunteer Experiences 

Custom Volunteer Experience (CVE) – Is a form that allows us to get to know you better so we can help tailor your volunteer experience based on your skills and interests, in correlation with project needs.

Custom Volunteer Itinerary (CVI) – We make sure your skills and knowledge are utilised on project and that you are making the most out of your volunteer experience by personalising your schedule to maximise your contribution efforts according to what you can add to the project.

We also work hand in hand with adventure travel companies that offer diverse cultural experiences and unique excursions in Egypt. We will notify you of events and excursions matching your interests mentioned in the CVE form to create an exciting personalised itinerary that combines humanitarian efforts, and stimulating cultural experiences.

Safety & Support

24-Hour Support – From our experienced local staff

Safety – Egypt is a very safe place to travel as long as you follow our Volunteering Safety Guidelines